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Peter and DipperThis blog is written by Peter Ross and will cover all happenings with the Irish Warriors in the led up to the International Cup in Australia in August 2011 and the tournament itself.  Peter is from Legan in Co Longford, Ireland and currently lives in South Dublin where he runs a Neurologically based Chiropractic practice and wellness centre called Life and Balance Centre http://www.lifeandbalance.ie/.  If that was not enough he also has a market research and data analysis company called Life Consulting http://www.lifeconsulting.ie/.

Peter is in the photo above with well known former AFL player and commentator Robert ‘Dipper’ Dipierdomenico.  He is a former Longford Gaelic footballer at all age levels.  As well as lining out in Aussie Rules for Ireland he plays for South Dublin Swans.  He is a keen participant in many sports and has competed in everything from showjumping to skiing and adventure racing.  He’s known for his competitive streak where there is no such thing as a friendly game even if he is playing against 6 year olds.  He also has views on the arbitration of sport and looks forward to starting his refereeing career in the near future.

He comes from a well known sporting family, his mother Rosemary is a national hunt horse breeder and was an amateur jockey.   All his family members have played county Gaelic football at some age level.  Also his sister Michelle was the first female to recieve a Gaelic Players Association scholarship and is a Leinster rugby player.  Peter is a past member of the Gaelic Players Association and is a cousin of recently retired Chief Executive of the GAA, Liam Mulvihill.

His wife, Dr. Tammy Verlaan-Ross is from Melbourne, Australia and she is a lifelong Collingwood AFL supporter.  Tammy was an Australian state level swimmer in her teenage years and now is a neurologically based Chiropractor, life coach and speaker. She is an executive member of the Chiropractic Association of Ireland and her business Life and Balance Centre is based in Rathfarnham, Dublin.  She has many media appearances on Irish national radio and television.

Dr. Tammy Verlaan-Ross was the team chiropractor for the Irish team in Australia for the International Cup and Euro Cup in 2011 and will travel to Edinburgh for the 2012 Euro Cup as part of the partnership between the Chiropractic Association of Ireland’s and the Irish Warriors as official healthcare provider.


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