Arrival Day

August 9, 2011 at 11:44 am Leave a comment

My wife Tammy and I landed in Sydney at about 6am on Monday morning.  We were both a little tired after the long flight and neither my brain nor body was functioning very well.  On the bus into the CBD I met one of the Canadian team members.  He said because Canada is so spread out the group rarely all train together, some difference when you look at the distances there compared to Ireland.  I also previously saw a clip on youtube of the Canada team training in a huge inflated tent in winter as the ground is frozen outside; I don’t think that’s something that has ever been needed in Sydney.

It’s meant to be winter in Australia but the definition of ‘winter’ is very different here compared to Canada or even Ireland.  It was fairly warm yesterday and in the morning you could walk about in short sleeves, no sign of a snow shovel, anti freeze or winter tyres here!

After checking in and meeting some of the other Warriors I went for a little sleep.  However as the lads that had arrived already were heading to Coogee for a kick about at 12:30 so it wasn’t a very long sleep for me but exercise is meant to help overcome jetlag.  Fergal Purcell from the UTS Bats had arranged the meet up as he lives close by.  Coogee is a nice beach a short distance south of the more famous Bondi.  Fergal who is on the Bats first team and a former Dubs squad member brought us for a little run to show us the sights.  We ran along a coastal path with big waves crashing against the rocks to one side.  A very scenic start to our Sydney adventure.  After some ball work we went for a swim.  I thought that was going to mean cold water but Fergal assured us that the current comes from a warm direction in winter keeping the water relatively warm.  He was right it wasn’t goose pimple cold like in an Irish summer, it was very tolerable.

Later than evening we all went bowling for a bit of team bonding.  I put in a pretty poor performance on my bowling lane but avoided the wooded spoon or in our case a little leprechaun.  Our captain Cian Quigley took the honour.  My body is still adjusting to this new time zone so I had a difficult night’s sleep, hopefully I’ll be sleeping like a baby in a day or two.


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