Going Going Gone

August 6, 2011 at 4:28 pm Leave a comment

It’s been a very busy week and in a matter of hours I’m boarding the plane in Dublin to fly to Sydney.  I have a moments calm to write this before I depart.  On Wednesday I was helping organise a photo call to promote the Chiropractic Association of Ireland’s sponsorship of the team and designation as official healthcare partner.  My job was to get t-shirts printed but when I collected them with two hours to go before the shoot  I saw the web address was wrong.  It should have been www.chiropractic.ie not http://www.chiropratic.ie!  Some frantic work later and leaving my wife Tammy to collect them overcame that one. 

Then when we arrived at the designated photo call area in the Pheonix Park the road was closed because of a duathlon, did the Gods want this to happen I asked myself.  Luckily Jamie from PR Wise and the photographer Pat Murphy from Sportsfile managed to get to us.  The lads at the session were certainly not media shy and there was a scrum to grab a jersey to be in the photos.  Obviously they knew with a high calibre photographer like Pat who was runner up in the 2010 World Press Sports Action Photo competition they were going to ge some great shots.  My other fear for Wednesday was the rain but luckily it stayed dry.

On Thursday I trained with the Swans.  On Friday I was working at the Dublin Horse Show as a steward.  This mainly involves handing out rosettes and very valuable cups to very happy horse owners.  Friday at Dublin Horse Show is also Aga Khan day.  The Aga Khan is the nation’s cup showjumping competition where the best showjumping nations in the world battle it out for the famous Aga Khan trophy.  Being a horsey nation, the Irish are good at showjumping and put in a great performance only being pipped by Nick Skelton of the GB team in a jump off.

I came home from the show a little tired knowing I still had to pack.  Trying to work out what to bring to Oz isn’t easy so I’ve brought thongs and shorts but also gloves and hats!  Since Melbourne is said to have four seasons in one day you can’t take to many chances.

Today is departure day and as well as mowing the lawn for the last time for a month I had a game for the South Dublin Swans against the Dublin Demons.  I was glad to get a run out as I’ve not had a game in ages.  It was perfect conditions for a game with mainly sunshine and no wind.  We started well and continued over the four quarters to notch up the scores.  All the lads were full of running as we had a big interchange bench.  A notable player for the Swans today was former Offaly fullback, Conor Evans.  Conor also plays GAA for the Oliver Plunketts club in North Dublin.  I’m currently watching his teammate Bernard Brogan against Tyrone. The Dubs are winning easily, I’m surprised by that, looks like they are going to be hard to beat this year.

Getting on the flight shortly, some people say to me they couldn’t stick such a long flight.  To me it’s easy, you’re wined and dined, you get to watch movies for free, there’s some fantastic aerial views out the window and you have nothing to worry about up in the sky, can’t wait!


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