Chiropractic care and me

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My wife Dr Tammy Verlaan is a chiropractor and we have a healthcare practice called Life and Balance Centre in Rathfarnham Co Dublin. Before I met Tammy my health was a little bit of a mess. I used to have terrible problems with tight muscles, unsettled stomach, headaches and frequent colds and flues. This greatly impacted on my ability to play and recover from training and games. I didn’t know what the answer was but I used take a lot of headache and anti inflammatory tablets.

Once I started getting adjusted regularly I haven’t had any illness that has kept me in bed for more than a day and muscle tightness has disappeared. However I’d say the biggest benefits were performance related as I started kicking the ball 20 metres further, I had much more energy and I noticed my reactions were greatly improved. Tiger Woods, a major advocate of chiropractic once said his chiropractic adjustments are as important to his game as practicing his swing. Personally there would be no way I’d still be playing sport without Tammy’s assistance and when I look at players much younger than me that have retired from injury or ill health I realise how lucky I am.

I read this week that well known AFL goal kicker Barry Hall is to retire at the end of the season. He said that at the age of 34 his body just can’t take the punishment anymore. Now some people think fair enough he’s getting old and he’s had a good career. But possibly with the right care over his career he could extend his playing days.

The soccer team AC Milan share the thinking on using chiropractic to avoid injuries and extend careers. Their chief of healthcare is a Belgian chiropractor called Jean-Pierre Meersseman. Meersseman’s prudent idea was to predict injuries, prevent them and thereby extend careers. ‘Age doesn’t exist,’ he once told a Belgian interviewer. ‘What counts is that you are physically and psychologically ready to play. It doesn’t matter if you are 21 or 41.’ The likes of Paolo Maldini and David Beckham have testified on behalf of Meersseman’s methods with Maldini retiring just short of his 41st birthday and Beckham still playing away.

But chiropractic care for sports people isn’t just about avoiding injuries and extending careers. It’s also about improving performance. Over the years there has been a great deal of research on the role of chiropractic in sports performance. These studies demonstrate the power of chiropractic in improving speed, strength, and coordination. When the control system of your body, the nervous system is free of interference then your whole body is going to function better.

Here’s a short clip about how chiropractic care has helped some of the world’s most famous athletes, you might just recognize some of these guys!


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