It’s fundraising time!

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As the International Cup fast approaches the players are all busy getting the funds together to finance the trip.  There are all sorts of ideas from quizs to race nights and raffles.  Last night team member Darren Sheils had a quiz night.  I always enjoy quiz nights even though I mightn’t know half the answers!   As a competitive creature I made sure we had a top quality team of four including my brother Johnny who was Leinster U16 Pioneer team quiz champion and never defeated in any quizs at home (although this was often because he read the answers first or because he would keep going until we got to tired to continue!).  Also I had my wife Tammy to answer any challenging aussie questions and Swans team mate Declan Coyne to answer everything else.

I’ve been to a lot of table quizs as I had a quiz fanatic for a primary school teacher called Joe Hunt.  Joe was a question time master and would train all his pupils to the highest level of question time knowledge.  I remember once being on a table quiz team with Joe and another master of the quiz, Charlie Brady.  It was called the All-Ireland GAA table quiz and was in Mullingar.  In 100 questions there was only one question I knew the answer to that they didn’t!  It was a horse racing question, to name the course the Juddmonte International is run on.  We won the quiz and I could claim the title of All-Ireland GAA champion and although my contribution was small it was still important in my eyes!

But the table quiz last night was unusual as there were a few twists.  Firstly you could double your round score if you got all questions right and you paid €10!  For a €2 fine you could use your phone to find an answer and then the last round wasn’t a question round at all but you had to fill a bag with random items such as matches, paper clips and beer mats.  This lead to me having one of the staff in Dicey Reillys searching everywhere for a box of matches, I still can’t believe how helpful he was.  Our team was so keen to win we doubled our points six times at a cost of €60, but it was worth it as won because the second placed team didn’t double on one round they got ten points in, so our gambling paid off.

They say all questions are easy when you know the answer, here’s a flavour of the questions to test your brains

Who won the AFL Premiership last season?

Where was Paddington Bear from?

In what country is Montevideo?

What year did the Berlin Wall come down?

In the song, on the ninth day of Christmas who was doing what?

Name the company

Whilst I’m talking about fundraising please enter my guess the score competition!


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