The Scots are coming

June 24, 2011 at 11:39 pm Leave a comment

Later today in Galway the Irish Warriors play a game against Scotland.  This is going to be a 9 a side game and it is part of both teams preparation for the Euro Cup which takes place in Belfast this year on October 8th.  I haven’t seen the Scots play before but they are passionate Celts like the Irish so it should be a game with plenty of fire.  Certainly that’s the case in rugby when Ireland clash with our near neighbours from the land of Haggis.

Of course Aussie Rules is normally played as an 18 a side game however this also requires a very big field measuring up to 185m long and 155m wide.  Across Europe sports fields are normally based around soccer with pitches only 100m long so the game needs to adapt to the fields available.   The same situation occurs in Ireland where there isn’t access to cricket ovals so games need to be fitted into smaller GAA size fields which measure up to 145m long and 90m wide.  In GAA it’s not unusual to have games played with less than the normal 15 players.  This normally occurs at underage level where there may not be enough kids in a rural area to field a 15 a side team.  In fact my first medal in Gaelic Football was a 7 a side primary schools final with long retired James Mannion and Hughie Ballesty our star players.  But the next time I played 7 a side was many years later when I played for Donegal in the Offaly 7s tournament, we won that day greatly assisted by Donegal All-Ireland winner Brian Murray, so maybe the less player numbers games suit me?

More information on the Euro Cup 2011


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