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The Aussies use different words to describe the game compared to GAA, I am often confused by what the coaches say but just nod and pretend I understand. Here’s a few new words I have learned.

crumber – someone that collects the breaking ball tapped down by the ruckman
fat side – not refering to a Junior B Hurling team but the side of the ground which has more space on it
floater – nothing to do with going to the toilet, a kick which does not spin and floats through the air, or a handpass with a very high trajectory, giving opponents enough time to reach the target
footy – the ball
lane work – I think it’s moving the ball and running in straight lines.
ruckman – not a fighter but a big lad that wins the restart ball
shepherd – nothing to do with sheep! to block the path of an opposing player. A perfectly legal tactic when performed within 5 metres of the ball.
soccer – to kick the ball on the ground, the commentators get very excited when someone scores like this, not sure why myself?
tagger – a player whose sole purpose is to negate an opposition player.
torp – not refering to the swimmer Ian Thorpe but a torpedo kick.
umpire – the ref, only there’s two of them!
worm burner – a great phrase, a kick along the ground that keeps low, and skids along the grass. We’d call it a daisy cutter but I’ve seen some pitches on Oz with no grass never mind daisies.


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